Why we love Jen!

Joya: Jen, you're absolutely amazing. You're so genuinely kind, and one of the few people on and offline with whom I feel I can honestly be myself. You're so funny, smart, and unique, but most importantly, you're a great friend. In fact, I'd say you're one of the greatest friends I've ever known. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being my friend. ♥

Angie: Jen! MY LOVER. You're so AMAZING. God. I love you so much that words just do not do you justice. You're so kind and considerate and AND LOVELY AND HILARIOUS. I want to be your friend forever. AHEM. To be cheesy YOU COMPLETE ME. You taught me alot about myself in the short time we've known each other, and I stand up for myself now because of you. I owe you alot Jen, and I love you very very much. You're one of the best friends I've ever had. ^^

Kate: Jen is one of the most delightful people Iíve ever met. Sheís kind, sweet, friendly, and is generally just all-around awesome. Sheís always up for a little fangirling over Supernatural and the boys, but is also there when you need a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear. And although I havenít known her very long I love her more than... CHOCOLATE. Yes. A lot. =) Jen, darling, thanks for being such a great friend! I ♥ you. *squish*

Therese: Jen!! I LOVE YOU!! You rock liek...ROCKERS!! You make the world go round, you are funny, sweet, nice and oh so AWESOME!! *rock on*. You are always original and have always taken the time to comment on my entries, You've been like someone I've known for years, when we have only known each other for months. Thanks for coming into my life, I would have never learned some things without you. ♥

Why do you love her?