about the domain
Get-Curious.net was purchased by Mike as an early sixteenth birthday present for me. The domain was bought on March 10, 2003, and launched on April 13, 2003. It was a relatively small domain, but I was happy enough with it.

Later, Mike's hosting was disabled and none other than the flammable Whitney came to my rescue! She graciously agreed to host me and renew my domain when the time came. However, when the time came to renew Get-Curious.net, domain squatters stole it. :( So later, I found a new domain name and it wasn't taken when I had thought of it, but by the time we decided to register it, someone else had already registered it. So a week (and a one hour telephone conversation with Whitney) later, we thought of Broken-Faith.net, which was launched May 08, 2004, and here we are today!


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