Welcome to the information page for The Jensen Ackles Birthday Project. March 1st will be Jensen Ackles' 29th birthday, and as his devoted fans, we've decided to make him a scrapbook and hope that you'll join us in doing so. If you're still interested, read on for rules, tips, and more.
Joya & Sofia

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If you're going to bother making an entry for the scrapbook, you MUST follow the rules, so please take the time to read the text below:

We will be accepting submissions until
February 17th, 2007, to ensure that the scrapbook will get there on time. Therefore, judge wisely and give your contribution plenty of time to get to my box before that date.

2.) Any and all submissions must be 8" x 11" (standard dimensions of computer paper). This provides for uniformity and ease of assembly, but only in terms of size. Do whatever you can to make your entry stand out! Construction paper, markers and glue are fabulous tools! You can write letters, submit drawings, and include pictures; anything and everything, as long as it fits the aforementioned dimensions. Joya has some wonderful examples of pages from past projects:
    - A Rupert Grint Page
    - A Tom Felton page
    - A Jared Padalecki Page
    - Several Examples of Bonnie Wright Scrapbook Contributions
    - More Examples of Bonnie Wright Scrapbook Contributions

3.) Only ONE 8" x 11" entry per person, single-sided. If you're having issues fitting your letter on one page, experiment with your font-size (or write a little smaller, if you choose to submit a handwritten entry). However, it's important that the entry still be legible.

4.) For those who would prefer the ease of electronically submitting their contributions or have questions as to the nature of the project, please e-mail your entries to Sofia at fiakitty@hotmail.com. Again, make sure your submissions are in by February 17th, 2007.

5.) I know you guys don't need telling, but it never hurts to cover this ground. Make sure your entries are appropriate. Any and all submissions that do not adhere to this guideline will be scrapped without question and without warning.

6.) If you send your entry through e-mail, please call your graphic and/or word document something like billyletter.doc or billygraphic.jpg (or something with your name in the file name). This way, we won't have to spend time loading your graphic and/or word document every time we need to see who it's from, so things will go much quicker on our end. :)

7.) Proofread! Good spelling and grammar do wonders!

8.) While all sorts of mediums and materials are accepted, try to make your entries as flat as possible. We're sure the papier-mache relief sculpture you made of Jensen's face is stunning, but it'll make the book a little hard to close.

Once you finish your scrapbook entry, send it to the address below:

Address removed since the time to send in entries has passed.

If you live outside of Canada, please send your page about a week earlier than you normally would to ensure that it arrives on time. And please try to make a scrapbook entry and mail it in. Snail-mailed entries are preferred. They make the scrapbook look more authentic and unique.

After spending so much time on your scrapbook page, I'm sure you'll be wondering if it ever reaches us or gets lost in the mail or whatnot, so, as we receive your scrapbook page, we will add your name to the list below. Note that a few of the later names will begin to have the first letter of your last name posted as well just so you can make absolutely certain it was your entry that we've recieved.

1.) Abbey
2.) Antania
3.) Bao & Rui
4.) Corey
5.) Jenny
6.) Meaghan
7.) Shannon
8.) Simona
9.) Mary A.
10.) Melanie C.
11.) Roisleen
12.) Maija
13.) Shellie
14.) Arjuska
15.) Ashley
16.) Bri
17.) Cassie
18.) Ciret
19.) Flavia
20.) Lena
21.) Joanne
22.) Justina
23.) Kristin
24.) Lauren
25.) Lindsay
26.) Liv
27.) Mary K.
28.) Melanie L.
29.) Pam
30.) Ryll
31.) Susan
32.) Vanessa
33.) Victoria
34.) Julle
35.) Theresa
36.) Leigh
37.) Jasmine
38.) Julia
39.) Kayla
40.) Tracy
41.) Marie
42.) Jennifer
43.) Silva
44.) Amy
45.) Rebecca
46.) Kayla, Ross, Taylor, & Aislinn
47.) Holly
48.) Shuchu
49.) Dianna
50.) Jerika
51.) Minori
52.) Christine H.
53.) Sofia B. & Michaella
54.) Chelsea S.
55.) Laurs
56.) Stephanie M.
57.) Mary
58.) Gemma
59.) Louise
60.) Liz
61.) Michelle
62.) Teckie
63.) Kaye
64.) Rini
65.) Rebecca D.
66.) Melissa
67.) Rosy
68.) Christine
69.) Janna & Sabrina
70.) Rachelle
71.) Bec
72.) Aina
73.) Veera
74.) Taylor
75.) Dorte & Joshi
76.) Bee
77.) Louise
78.) Nabila
79.) Joya
80.) Tracey
81.) Cailin
82.) Roberta
83.) Terra
84.) Kelly & Kristi
85.) Phaedra
86.) Alice, Sammy & Shibbies
87.) Sarah
88.) Kristy
89.) Marci
90.) Janine
91.) Lisa
92.) Kristina M.
93.) Danielle H.
94.) Kristin J.
95.) Karina A.
96.) Vanessa
97.) Kelsie
98.) Megan

We don't want The Jensen Ackles Birthday Project to be a flop, so help us make sure a lot of people participate. Tell your friends about the project and other Jensen fans, and if you have a website, slap one of these banners onto your page, but remember to save them to your own server!


The postage required for creating and mailing this scrapbook will be quite a lot if we get the large load of entries that we're expecting, so money donations are gladly accepted (only Canadian dollars). If you'd like to send us a couple dollars with your scrapbook page, we would have absolutely no objection, and thank you in advance.

Lastly, any and all questions regarding this project should be directed to Joya.

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