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Welcome to ACTION, Joya's personal media site. Here, you will find art, graphics, media, writing and other goodies made by Joya for her and your amusement. Have any comments? Flames? Complaints? Smart remarks? Send her an e-mail.

July 11, 2008: Added a random graphics creation of Hayley, lead singer of the band Paramore.

December 23, 2006: Long time no update! Life's been pretty busy, so I haven't had as much time as I'd like to make stuff, but I did manage to add 1 piece each to the art, CG, and graphics sections. I've also got some photography I'd like to add, but I need to sort through those first. Hopefully they'll be added soon!

March 25, 2006: My writing can now be found at Anyway, I've added one new drawing (of my cousin) and 15 photos of branches that I took on a rainy day (which I encourage you to look at, since they look quite pretty). Enjoy! :)

January 16, 2006: Please welcome the photography section! I've been meaning to add it for a while, and now I finally have. :) I've also added one more graphic (of Jared Padalecki-- YUM!) and have deleted some of the older updates in this section.

January 14, 2006: New layout! It features Cintia Dicker, a very pretty model, as well as lyrics from "Existentialism on Prom Night" by Straylight Run. The background is from squidfingers and textures are from gender. Hope yall like it! :)

January 12, 2006: Um, happy new year? Heh. Anyway, added one new piece of art, which I drew for my boss's daughter (her name's Kristen). :D

September 25, 2005: Added two new graphics and one new drawing (drawn for Tom Felton's 18th birthday)!

August 28, 2005: Added a Tom Felton blend to the graphics section today!

August 06, 2005: Added a drawing of Tonks (from Harry Potter) to the art section.

August 01, 2005: One new piece has been added to the art section.

July 30, 2005: The site has moved onto my domain, but Erika still hosts a lot of the media. :) I've also added 10 new pieces to the art section.

Pencil sketches, water colors, whatever-- these creations were made offline. Newest pieces are at the bottom-right.

 cg art 
Random art and some comics. These were created offline first and then colored and spruced up on Paint Shop Pro 7. Newest pieces are at the bottom-right.

These are my graphics creations. They were all made with Paint Shop Pro 7 (gasp!) because I'm too lazy to figure out how to use Photoshop. Newest pieces are at the bottom-right.

I'm not an exceptional photographer or anything, but I enjoy dabbling, I suppose, so below are some photos I have taken with my digital camera, which is a Canon PowerShot A510. Newest pieces are at the bottom-right.

 music videos 
Only two so far, made with the awesome Adobe Premiere. In order to view these, you need WinZip and Real Player or Windows Media Player.

  Title: Breaking the Habit
  Music: "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park
  Footage: HP & the Chamber of Secrets
  Length: 3 minutes, 16 seconds
  Notes: Made for Honeydukes.
  Download: Real Player, Windows Media Player

  Title: Points of Authority
  Music: "Points of Authority" by Linkin Park
  Footage: HP & the Chamber of Secrets
  Length: 3 minutes, 45 seconds
  Notes: Made for Honeydukes.
  Download: Real Player, Windows Media Player

 old layouts 
Not much explaining for this section, really... it's just a place with screencaps of old layouts for this site. They are listed in the order that they were used and the thumbnails' alt codes say what the titles of the layouts were (since you can't really see the titles because I've reduced the image sizes to save space).

[ ACTION! ] feat Reese Witherspoon ACTION// harry potter graffiti guys ACTION// no need for bandages when there's bondage! ACTION // we bring the bump to the grind, uh-huh!

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