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Hosting is OPEN.

- Your site must already exist.
- Know a decent amount of HTML.
- You MUST know FTP. If you don't, it's easy to learn, and SmartFTP is an easy-to-learn and FREE client that you may download.
- No porn, hate, hentai, or racist sites.
- No large media files (ie MP3s, videos, etc)
- Keep in touch with me!
- If you're not accepted, no whining, flaming, or immature behavior. This is my domain, so I choose who is hosted here and who is not. If I don't like your site, just go try somewhere else to get hosted-- it's not the end of the world.
- I can't guarantee a reply back if you're not accepted.
- Once you are accepted, you have two weeks to get your site up and running.
- You need to update your site at least once every three months.
- Lastly, write 'polka-dots' in the 'color' field to verify you've read these rules.

what you get
- 10 MB of space.
- Subdomain (
- Private FTP account
- Friendly support from yours truly.


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