offline sites
Sakura Connection - This was my very first site. It was all about Card Captor Sakura and I actually still have it up on a free server, but I just got tired of CCS, so I closed the site. Maybe I'll bring it back some day... we'll see.

Scarred for Life - This was my very first clique. It was a clique for Harry Potter lovers and I actually still have this site up on a free server, though no one visits... thankfully. This site will most likely NEVER come back.

Brain Freeze - Yet another clique. I've no idea what happened to this one and it's most certainly not on any free server. Mari and I created this clique for ice cream lovers, but it just disappeared suddenly...

hear&now - I loved this site yet it received almost no visitors. It was an MP3 rotation site and one of the first of its kind. The music ranged from rap, rock, pop, and classical, all in different kinds of languages! But I rarely updated, so rather than taking up my host's space, I decided to close it.

Magic - This site was a Harry Potter RPG, but after being open for roughly a year, no one really RPed anymore so I killed it. :/ Oh well! XP

Alegria - All of my arts, writings, and random things were placed here. It was kind of like a portfolio for my graphics creations, but I never really updated so I closed it. ^^; - Woe, man! This was my first ever domain and the moment it expired, domain squatters stole it from right underneath my nose!! It used to be my personal domain before b-fNET. I loved this domain... *weeps* But I guess it feels good to start afresh with a new domain as well. :3

Honeydukes - This Harry Potter megasite was run by Whitney, Erika, Silver, and me, but after a while, no one really updated and it basically died a sad little death.

Erised - This was a Harry Potter RPG run by my friend Jonah and me. It centered around Draco/Ginny, and Jonah and I were the only RPers because we were slowly turning it into a fic, but one day it disappeared, so it's basically lost. :( - This was one of the biggest fansites online (and, to my knowledge, the first) about one of my favorite actresses, Bonnie Wright. She portrays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. It was online since May of 2003 to January of 2008, making it one of my oldest sites. Unfortunately, running the website became too much of a hassle, so I was forced to shut it down since I couldn't devote enough time to it.

Michael Weatherly Fans - This was a fansite dedicated to Michael Weatherly, most known for his roles in Dark Angel (Logan Cale/Eyes Only) and NCIS (Tony DiNozzo). I was really proud of this one, and it was quite large, but again, I just couldn't devote enough time to it near the end.

Veritas BB - It was hard to say goodbye to this forum. You could talk about books, movies, anime/manga, world events, school, homework, fashion, music, etc., so many people felt at home at VBB. It was such a friendly place and I met so many nice people there, but I guess all good things must come to an end. After about three years, not as many people visited, and then the spambots took over, and most of us migrated to LiveJournal after that.

VBB Style Secret Santa - This site was only ever open during the month of December. It was an annual game held at Veritas BB (above). With the death of VBB, this site had to come down, too. - I'm not sure if this site technically deserves a spot here since it was never open, but this was supposed to be a fansite for Patrick Flueger (most known for his role as Shawn Farrell in The 4400), but in the two years I owned the domain, I never properly launched the site. =/ Pat's such a great actor, though. I really hope someone else will build a nice fansite for him. :)