online sites
ACTION - This is my personal media site. It's a rather quiet site since I hardly update it, but I still love it! I post all my random art/graphics creations there.

Angus - This is a little fanlisting for one of my best friends, Jen. She's awesome fawesome and sweet, so if you love her too, join!

Dean's Cookie - This is a fanlisting for Kate, one of my good friends. It's named after her LJ username, but it's still quite fitting cuz everybody loves Kate just like Dean Winchester loves his cookies. Go join!

Double Dare - This is the approved fanlisting for New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. If you're a fan of this awesome book, then join this fanlisting! - This is my webdesign site. If you're in need of a custom-made, quality layout of any kind for a very affordable price, then this is definitely the place for you to check out! :)

Libba Bray Fans - This is the approved fanlisting for fans of Libba Bray, author of the New York Times best-seller A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels. She's such a sweet, lovely, funny, and talented woman, so if you love her and/or her books, then please join the fanlisting!

LiveJournal - I love my LJ! It's friends only, but that's basically so people I know offline won't walk into my babbling. If you have a LJ, friend me!

Raconter - This is my writing journal. A lot of my work is posted on my ffNET account, but a lot of my smaller ficlets are posted in my writing journal. I absolutely adore it! :) But please note that all entries are public and I've got writing of every rating posted, so observe the ratings and notes and read at your own discretion. Thanks! ;)

Supergenius - This is a fanlisting dedicated to the greatness that is Liz, resident supergenius! She's so sweet, friendly and smart. If you're a fan, then go join!

The Quibbler - If you've read the fifth Harry Potter book, you'll remember a particularly odd magazine that goes by the same name as this site. This is an online newsmagazine with interesting Harry Potter 'news'. If you're a HP fan, I recommend you check this site out... it's quite amusing! :) Since the series is over, though, the site is no longer updated; however, archives of every issue from the four years it was running can be found on the site, so have a read!

Writing LiveJournal - I'm an aspiring author, and I use this LiveJournal to update about my writing. If you'd like to keep up, feel free to friend me and/or comment on entries. :)