Why we love Kate!

Joya: Kate, you're such a sweet, caring, and friendly person. You're full of energy and you're such fun to talk to. I love being your friend because you're so unique and genuine, and that's such a refreshing combination. I'm extremely glad to have met you, and even happier that we are such great friends. ♥

Jen: Kate is such a goofball, but that’s one of the qualities about her that I adore! She’s so supportive and she’ll cheer you on when you’re having a bad day. We met each other through the Supernatural fandom and I don’t think we could have picked a better fandom to meet in ;)! She’s one of those types of friends that you have for a life-time and take everywhere with you to share as many experiences with her as possible. She’s one of the few people where I can say that I’m glad I met her.

Why do you love her?

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